About Us


The Red Web Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting and promoting a positive and healthy view of the menstrual cycle, while honoring the diversity of individual and cultural views and practices around menstruation. 

Why We Exist

Because menstruation is misunderstood or often times considered inconvenient in mainstream culture, it can be difficult to find comprehensive information and guidance about the menstrual experience.


How We Are Creating Change

The Goals of the Red Web Foundation are:

  • To sponsor and host educational events on the subject of positive menstruation for greater public education and awareness.​

  •  To provide a comprehensive online resource for public education including books, articles, websites and a listing of members, and menstrual health advocates available for consultation.

  •  To continue expanding our web by supporting an ever-growing collaboration of members who network and share ideas and resources.

  •  To support each member’s work by providing the platform and support for her to promote and sell her products and services.

Click here for a brief history of the Red Web Foundation.


Leadership Council

Helynna Brooke, President
Elizabeth Gould, Executive Director

Board of Directors:
Helynna Brooke, President - Public Health

Mary Costello, Secretary - Nutrition, Mindful Meditation
Elizabeth Gould - Education, Rites of Passage

                                                                                                                     Red Web Board Members past and                                                                                                                                present from lt to rt: Mary Costello,                                                                                                                                Elizabeth Gould, Helynna Brooke,
                                                                                                                     Anna Yang, and Colleen Thomas