June 7, 2016

Ladies! The Red Web Foundation is involved in a critically important initiative addressing women’s health issues centered around the need to better understand both menstrual hygiene management implications, as well as understanding and positioning menstruation as a key...

October 31, 2015


On Monday, October 26, a motion was brought forward by the Labour party in the UK to remove the tax on female sanitary products, but was defeated by three conservative MPs. The tax, which was dropped from 17.5% in 1973 to 5% in 2000, but tampons and pads are still co...

July 8, 2015

In most cultures, a girl’s first period is emblematic of womanhood. Her first period not only indicates that she is fertile, but welcomes her into the world of women rather than girls. For me, my first period was not so sacred. I began to realize I was a woman not beca...

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Hello! My name is Emma Shachat and I am a rising sophomore at Wheaton College in Massachussets. While I have not yet declared my major(s), I have always been incredibly interested in feminism, women's issues, and social justice, and writing is one of the ways through which I am able to project my voice, ideas, and experiences. This blog is a place for me to write about issues relating to feminism, as well as my own experiences as a young woman and feminist. This blog is a part of an internship I am currently doing with the Red Web Foundation. 

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