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The Felt Cervix Project

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Sonya Philip, January 2012

The original concept of a cervix made out of wool felt, developed into The Felt Cervix Project. Formed in 2011 as a collaborative art installation, with the purpose of creating a large scale sculpture made up of the small, soft shapes. All pink in color, the felt cervices become similar to an appealing confection.

The resulting mound of cervices,  transforms this disarticulated piece of the female reproductive system from modest and hidden into something monumental.


Inspired by performance artist and sexecologist Annie Sprinkle, who famously invited people to view her cervix, the project aims to highlight the importance of sexual and reproductive familiarity, education and empowerment.

There is a free pattern for knitting your own cervix, as well as instructions on how felting. Each submitted cervix will be assigned a serial number with a corresponding list crediting all contributors.

You can direct questions and inquiries to:

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