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A Brief History of the Red Web Foundation

From an inspired individual to a network of passionate advocates...

The Red Web Foundation grew out of the work of The Menstrual Health Foundation, established by the late Tamara Slayton. In response to the prevailing negative societal attitudes about menstruation, Tamara worked for over 20 years reframing the menstrual cycle as a positive, life affirming force in women’s lives. In the last years of her life, Tamara worked closely with Kelly Rose Mason, passing on her vision and experience. Meanwhile in January 2000, Helynna Brooke, creator of First Moon Celebration Kit convened The Menstrual Millenium, a group of twenty women active in menstrual health advocacy.

In the spring of 2003, women from The Menstrual Health Foundation and from The Menstrual Millenium organized a conference called Weaving the Red Web. . Grounded in both the women’s health movement and women spirituality studies, the conference attracted women from diverse professions and provided a forum for women to collaborate as menstrual health advocates to share resources and support each other’s efforts. As a result of this conference, the Red Web Foundation was co-founded by Anna C. Yang, Helynna Brooke, and Kelly Rose Mason and has grown significantly over the past decade under the leadership of Anna Yang. 

Picture of RWF founder Anna Yang at International Women's Day, SF, 2011

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