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Embracing Your MoonTime

Imagine living in a culture that honoured women’s bleeding time (moon time) as sacred. There used to be a time when women’s sexuality was not separated from spirituality. These cultures understood that a woman’s bleeding time was a sacred time, a time of deep introspection, a time for her to shed her outward responsibilities, to retreat to the moon lodge where women would reflect and reconnect with themselves. Their resulting dreams and visions would be shared for the benefit of the whole tribe...

A New Definition of Womanhood

Womanhood needs to be defined by women. For too long it has been defined by men, the media, and advertising. If we don not help girls define womanhood, they will be defined. Older women who matter to the girl should be a part of teaching the skills to survive successfully and conscientiously in our culture as women...

Her Blood is Gold: 20 Years Later

In the spring of 1989 I was living on and off at my then partner’s
cabin on the Western shore of Lake Tahoe in California. I was
33 years old and had been very ill the previous year after traveling in Nepal, and now I was spending time up at the lake convalescing.  I needed peace and stillness. I was also opening up to being a writer with deepening intent, and I kept a notepad with me much of the time. 

It was an unusual time in my life: I did not have to work and had few responsibilities. My partner was a wise man who...

The Felt Cervix Project


The original concept of a cervix made out of wool felt, developed into The Felt Cervix Project. Formed in 2011 as a collaborative art installation, with the purpose of creating a large scale sculpture made up of the small, soft shapes. All pink in color, the felt cervices become similar to an appealing confection.

The resulting mound of cervices,  transforms this disarticulated piece of the female reproductive system from modest and hidden into something monumental...

Menstrual Health Basics


Menstruation is not usually thought of as a time of honor or celebration. It is commonly called the curse, ‘that dreaded time of the month’, ‘a bloody mess’, ‘on the rag’ and other derogatory names. These names are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings about menstruation. When we reject a body function as something negative, dirty or insignificant, there is an energetic and psychological separation from that part of the body. The negative thought patterns associated with menstruation are indeed part of the reason why so many women experience unique combinations of over one hundred different symptoms and ailments categorized under PMS.

Is Hormonal Literacy Important in a Counseling Session?

When we sit with our clients – whether it’s a medical consultation, a therapy session, a group program or even spiritual guidance – what happens when we include a woman’s cyclic nature in the conversation? As a holistic reproductive health coach using the Hakomi somatic counseling method, this question is not only unavoidable but inevitable. Hakomi is a therapeutic method that uses mindfulness in our present time experience to discover unconscious beliefs that either resource or limit us. Put another way, we bring
a woman’s awareness to what is happening in her body as we’re consulting with her. This is done with the understanding that our bodies are as much a part of our experience as our...

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