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Opportunity to Participate in Menstrual Blood Research

Ladies! The Red Web Foundation is involved in a critically important initiative addressing women’s health issues centered around the need to better understand both menstrual hygiene management implications, as well as understanding and positioning menstruation as a key indicator in women’s health diagnostics. We are working with the very talented serial health entrepreneur and Stanford researcher Sara Naseri and her awesome team as they move toward helping a billion women. Check out Sara in action talking about her last company.

We need your help! We are calling on our wonderful network of women to help us with the research, a critically important piece of the puzzle in effecting real change.

The Red Web is asking members, supporters, friends, family, and colleagues in the Bay Area to contribute menstrual samples for analysis.

Participation is simple:

  1. Please fill out this form with your information.

  2. We will give you a quick call you at your convenience to screen eligibility for the study and to arrange a time for a short in-person meeting where we will come to you.

  3. At our meeting, we will get your consent for the study and give you a kit to take home with a menstrual cup to collect your sample in.

  4. When you are menstruating, call or email us to set a time for you to come to Stanford Hospital for a blood draw and deliver your menstrual sample. (We will compensate you for your transit to the Hospital and give you a $50 gift card).

  5. Smile and pat yourself on the back for supporting a critically important and highly underserved cause.

Your samples will of course only be used for the purpose of this study and will not be shared for any other purpose.

#periodstigma #menstruation #research #healthdiagnostics

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